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Victoria Goodwin's Fundraising Page
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Hello all! I am excited to be on the Cabrini Varsity Softball team this year. Each player has a goal of $350 to help support the program and any amount of donation is welcome. I thank you for your support!

ABOUT Softball 2020

2019 District Champions

Thank you for your support!


Name Date Amount Comments
Julie Goodwin 03/17/2020 $51.80 Mom, Dad and Sissy are so proud of you Peanut!! Grammie is watching over you. We love you.
Emilia Goodwin 03/08/2020 $51.80  
Emilia Goodwin 03/07/2020 $51.80  
Terry Northcott 03/05/2020 $26.33  
William Trinchard 03/04/2020 $51.52 Keep up the good work Tori. Love, Paw Paw
Michelle Gerdes 03/03/2020 $152.53  
Brian Corcoran 03/02/2020 $11.11  
  Total $396.89  
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